• Up to 99% silica dust reduction

  • ​Compliance with OSHA’s Silica permissible exposure limit 

  • Significantly improved safety and site conditions

  • Easy to apply and dilute with water

  • Smaller footprint and lower costs than vacuum systems

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable and bio renewable

  • Non-Corrosive and Water Soluble                                             

SilicaSuppress is a proprietary surfactant blend used to control silica dust generated during road construction. When applied properly, SilicaSuppress will lower fugitive dust levels and encapsulate silica to ensure compliance within OSHA permissible limits. SilicaSuppress eliminates the need for operators to wear respirators or the installation of expensive vacuum equipment.


(Asphalt Release Agent)

ARA-100 is a proprietary emulsion that was specifically formulated for the asphalt and road construction marketplace. ARA-100 is designed to prevent the adhesion and assist in the easy removal of any type of asphalt.


•Asphalt Truck Beds / Dumps

•Rubber Tire and Steel Rollers

•Drag Slats

•Paving Equipment

•Conveyors / Belts

•Hand Tools / Spreader Bars

ARA-100 is non-toxic and environmentally friendly; making it the choice replacement for diesel fuel as a asphalt release agent. ARA-100 can be diluted 1:20 with water to be applied with a hand wand, automated spray system or with a foam generator.

Asphalt Again is an effective and green liquid asphalt binder additive that outperforms conventional approaches and softeners because it actually helps restore youth to reclaimed material — typically 90-100% restoration of long-term pavement life. Asphalt Again’s superior temperature flexibility and ability to successfully convert asphaltenes back to resins and aromatics allows it to excel in both Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) and Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) applications. Eƒectively re-dispersing asphaltenes and countering the stiƒness of the RAP/RAS binders, Asphalt Again transforms high RAP/RAS asphaltene proportions to a closer virgin-binder state.

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