SilicaSuppress is a proprietary surfactant blend that changes the surface tension to enhance the dust control performance of water. The surfactants in SilicaSuppress improve the wetting characteristics of water, decrease fugitive dust emissions and reduce up to 50% the amount of water used.  SilicaSuppress dilutes readily in water and can be applied using any spray / application truck for roads. Proper use of SilicaSuppress will lower respirable dust levels within OSHA and MSHA permissible limits.


Roadmaster+ was designed to provide the best solution for haul road stabilization and dust control at a fraction of the cost. Roadmaster+ is a concentrated blend of inorganic electrolytes and surfactants designed to stabilize the surface of unpaved roads. Roadmaster+ will penetrate the road bed and bind particulates into a stable, dust free surface. The product is both hygroscopic (draws moisture from the air) and deliquescent (resists evaporation). These properties insure that dust generation from unpaved roads is eliminated.


Eco-Emulsion is the green alternative to hydrocarbon-based dust control emulsions. Providing the benefits of environmental compliance without the high cost of product or application. Eco-Emulsion is a concentrated organic emulsion designed to agglomerate aggregate fines into an asphalt like surface. Eco-Emulsion is not petroleum based. The product is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and environmentally safe. Eco-Emulsion is non-water soluble upon drying and is biodegradable.


Eco-Bind is an environmentally safe polymer emulsion that produces highly effective dust control and soil stabilization on secondary roads. Eco-Bind’s patent pending formula has been proven the most effective polymer-based emulsion for controlling PM10 and PM2.5 dust emissions on any soil type. Eco-Bind is designed to provide long term dust control to any work environment. Once cured, the application provides a clear strong cohesive bond for a wide range of materials and particle surface areas. The application imparts films with excellent water resistance properties to provide a superior road application that holds up in any climate.

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